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W/C 11.01.21

Tuesday 12th January

Our topic this term is People who help us. This week we are thinking about doctors, nurses and paramedics. For your home learning today I would like you to watch this clip Ambulances For Children | Gecko's Real Vehicles - YouTube and then have a go at drawing your own ambulance. Please remember to send me a picture so it can go into your learning journeys!

Wednesday 13th January

Continuing on from your wonderful ambulance creations yesterday, today I would like you to use your foot for the outline of your ambulance! You can either do a footprint (if you have paint at home) or do as I did and draw around your foot. You may need an adult to help you with this bit!! Ask your grown up to google ambulance uk so that you can use this as guide to help you.

Friday 15th January

For your home learning today I would like you to have a go at writing your name. In the pdf below is the alphabet written cursively to give you an idea of how to form the letters in your name. 

Just for fun!!

Grab your favourite book and find an unusual place to read it! Go as wild and wacky as you can. Don't forget to send me the photos! Have fun, I did smiley