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W/C 25.01.21

Monday 25th January

Continuing our People who help us topic, this week we are looking at bin men. For your home learning today I would like you to watch the following clip: Recycling Trucks For Children | Gecko's Real Vehicles - YouTube Have a think about what would happen if the bin men didn't take away our rubbish and recycling every week? Once you have watched the clip I would like you to see if you can make a bin lorry using junk modelling!

A just for fun activity today listen to the story of Michael Recycle Michael Recycle By Ellie Bethel & Illustrated by Alexandra Colombo - YouTube


Wednesday 27th January

For your home learning today I would like you to go on a house scavenger hunt. For this hunt we need to think about how objects look and how they feel. On the document below there are 8 different objects I would like you to try and find. Maybe you could be really clever and find an object that covers 2 or 3 of the descriptions. I am going to play along too and I will upload my photos later today once I have completed the hunt! Have fun scavengers :-)

Well done those of you who have sent me photos of your scavenger hunt finds this morning. I am so impressed with the different ideas you have all come up with! Here is my effort (although not as exciting as all of yours!!) smiley

Mr Borg's PE lesson.

Below is the link to this weeks PE lesson from Mr Borg. Please send us photos and videos of you getting involved!

PE with Mr Borg - Week 3 | Greenfields Community Primary School (

Friday 29th January

For your home learning today I would like you to do some number work. Start off with numbers to 5 and if you find that easy then go up to 10. Ask your grown up to write numbers 1- 5 on some paper (or you could give it a try) and then see if you can find objects around your house to match the number. Remember when you are counting the objects to point to each one and count them slowly! I have attached a photo to show you what I mean :-)