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Wednesday 10th

Phonics Wednesday 10th February 2021


Starter: Play sentence substitution on Phonics play

Sentence Substitution (


Activity: watch this video from BBC Bitesize to remind you about speech marks, what they are and how we use them. Have a go at the activity and quiz. How to use inverted commas - BBC Bitesize


Application: Now work your way through the text and highlight the mistakes. Rewrite the sentences correctly.


Remember the rules for using speech marks:

  • Use a comma to separate what is being said in the rest of the sentence;
  • Use a capital letter to start direct speech;
  • Use punctuation to finish the direct speech;
  • Close the direct speech with speech marks.

Woody jumped up, “I have to go home with my friends!”



Today we are going to be look at quarter past the hour and quarter to the hour. Please watch the following video to help you understand the placement of the hands on the clock for these times. 


Tell the time at a quarter past and a quarter to

Remember the following and match the clocks to the correct times - 


When the minute hand is pointing to the 3, it is Quarter Past 


When the minute hand is pointing to the 9, it is Quarter to