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Wednesday 13th

Phonics starter activity 


Go onto the Phonics play website (link on this weeks home learning page) and play a couple of games on Buried Treasure. 

  • Log in to the website 
  • Click on Resources Phase 5 
  • Click on Buried Treasure 
  • Click on Phase 5 
  • Click on revise all Phase 5 
  • Play the game

Phonics - main activity 13th

Phonics application activity 


Choose a sentence. rewrite the sentence in the other two tense types 


For example - 

Sentence i chose was -  I will eat curry for dinner tomorrow (Future)

I would then write it in past - I ate curry for dinner yesterday 

I would then write it in present  - I eat currey for dinner


Repeat this with another sentence 

Activity explanation

Still image for this video


  • Today's reading is a non-fiction text. 
  • Before you begin, can you tell an adult what a non-fiction text is and what the difference is between a non-fiction and fiction text?
  • Once you have done this, read through the non-fiction text.
  • Then, access the second document and complete the questions and activity.