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Wednesday 27th

Phonics Wednesday 27th


Starter  - Please use the following link - Buried Treasure ( to practice reading graphemes in words


Activity - Can you remind your parent or sibling what the four different types of sentences are and what piece of punctuation you use at the end of each of them.


Please open the document below and complete the activities shown.


Application – Can you write a matching question and statement

Example - 

What sandwich have you got for lunch today?

I have a cheese and ham sandwich for lunch.



Today, we are going to be using a blank numberline to subtract numbers and work out change. Please watch the video below to remind you of the method. Once you have watched the video, open the activity sheet and complete the different tasks.

Subtraction using a blank numberline

Still image for this video

Remember to: 

  • Create your number sentence (how much you have to spend - what you are buying)
  • Draw your chips and peas on the second number in the number sentence 
  • Draw a blank number line 
  • Write the first number (from the number sentence) at the end of the link 
  • Take your small pea jumps 
  • Take your large chip jumps
  • Count backwards - place a number at the end of each jump
  • Write your answer 
  • Check 

Topic (Science)


Today, we are going to look at materials and their properties. Please watch the following video and read the fact sheet below it. Once you have completed this, use what you have learnt to help you sort the different facts under the correct materials.

Materials for Kids | Materials and their Properties | What are Things Made From | Science for Kids

Learn all about different materials and where we can find them in the environment.Music: