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Phonics – Wednesday 20th


Starter – please use the following link - Tricky Word Trucks ( to practice reading tricky words. Please select PHASE 5 ALL HFW


Activity – Remind your adult or sibling what you learnt yesterday – what is a common noun? What is a proper noun? Why are they different from each other?


Look at the following sentence -

Jack and joan went to london for their birthday.


Can you tell your adult or sibling what is wrong with it? Do you know how to correct it?


Activity sheet attached below - read the sentences and passage. Find the proper nouns and correct them with capital letters.


Application – can you write your own sentence with a proper noun in?

Maths - Different combinations for making £1


  1. Today's reading is an information text about outdoor toys, read the text carefully to find out the information. 
  2. Answer the questions using the information text.