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Wednesday 3rd March

Phonics Wednesday 3rd March 2021

Starter – Please use the following link - Buried Treasure ( to practice reading graphemes in words

Activity – On the attached worksheet, fill in the boxes using the correct graphemes. Count how many words have the ai phoneme (sound) at the beginning (Apron)), middle (crayon) or end (grey).

 Application – On the attached document, read the sentences then highlight or underline the words containing the phoneme (sound) ai.

Maths - Measurment 

Today we will be using measurement to compare height. Please see the attached document.

Topic - Plants we eat

You have already learned that plants have different parts to them - seeds, roots, stem, leaves, fruit and flower. Did you know that you can eat all of the parts of a plant by eating a range of fruits and vegetables? All fruits and vegetables are types of plants.

Topic - Plants We Eat - Wednesday 3rd.mp4

Still image for this video

Reading - Non-fiction all about vegetables

Please read through the text and answer the questions in full sentences.