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Week 3 : 18th - 22nd


We are starting a new topic today that will last the rest of the term. Watch the video below, Mrs Garner will introduce it to you laugh

Topic - Monday 18th.mp4

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Phonics - Proper Nouns 


Starter – please use the following link -  Flashcards Time Challenge (  choose all phases and 2 minutes. Play a couple of times and see if you can read more the second time round.


Proper Nouns for Kids

This is a video that will teach you all about proper nouns and how they are different from common nouns. :)For more practice, you can check out the links bel...



We use a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence but also for a proper noun. A proper noun is the name given to something to make it more specific eg

•         A Rose – name of a flower

•         Morrison’s – name of a shop

•         London – name of a city

•         Jennifer – name of a child

•         Yorkshire Terrier – name of a type of dog


  • Please listen carefully to the story, 'Toys in Space', by Mini Grey. We are focusing on the first half of the story today, so please pause at 3:23. 
  • Once you have listened to the first half of the story, answer the questions on the attached document.

Toys in Space- Read Aloud books for kids

18th - reading questions