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Year 1


  • Please log onto the Phonics Play website (link below)
  • Check the page is 'Resources Phase 3'
  • Click on 'Flashcard Speed Trial'


Username: phonplay2

Password: greenfields


  • Today we will be using the digraph 'igh'. Can you show your adults the action for 'igh'?
  • Below is a picture and video of Mrs Garner showing the action for 'igh'.

Raise your hand and salute like a pirate calling ‘aye aye’ –(igh igh like light)

Still image for this video
  • First, practise writing 'igh' in lots of silly ways – trace it on your hand, write it in the air,
  • Now practice writing, 'igh', on a piece of paper as many times as you can in 30 seconds. 



  • Click on the document below to practise using 'igh' words. 


  • Can you write 3 of your own sentences using the 'igh' words?