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Year 2


  • Please log onto the Phonics Play website (link below)
  • Check the page is 'Resources Phase 5'
  • Click on 'Flashcard Speed Trials'
  • Choose 'Phase 5'


  • Remind your parent or sibling how we use commas in a list.
  • Use this song below to remind you.


  • You are going to write your own sentences using commas in a list. Write a sentence about each of the following –
  1. What you got from the shop (choose which shop)
  2. What you did/saw at the zoo (choose a zoo)
  3. What rides you rode at the fun fair
  4. what a mystical creature looks like
  5. What you ate at your birthday party
  6. What you took on holiday



  • Can you spot the mistakes and correct them -
  1. Yesterday, I went to the shop for some bread, milk, butter, squash.
  2. At the park, I played on the slide, swings, and roundabout.