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Year 2 Phonics

Phonics - Past and Present 


Starter - please use the following link -   Flashcards Speed Trials ( and see how quickly you can read all of the flashcards. Play a couple of times and see if you can get quicker each time. 



Activity - remind your adult or a sibling what past and present tense means. Can you give them some examples of past tense words and then present tense words. 

Today, with an adult or sibling,  I would like you to play noughts and crosses. Create a noughts and crosses grid (I have attached an example below) with a range of past and present words. When playing 

  • Choose a square
  • Read the word in the square 
  • Change it into past or present  If the word in the square is eat you would say " eat and ate"
  • If you get it correct you can either draw your nought or your cross


Once you have completed one game, complete another grid and play again :)



Apply - Randomly choose some of the words from your noughts and crosses board and verbally place them into a sentence. Then change the sentence to either past or present. 

eg Joe is happily eating a cheese sandwich   -    Joe happily ate a cheese sandwich