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Year R



Watch this space to see all the brilliant learning Year R get up to as they explore the topics 'Growing' and 'Sport'.




What a busy couple of terms Year R have had! They have carried out some fantastic historical enquiry, used some excellent vocabulary and asked brilliant questions as they have explored the topics 'Around the world' and 'Space'!



Chronology skills are developing brilliantly through the ordering of stories and events!

Year R even had an astrodome come to visit as part of their space topic. They made some brilliant observations, explored artefacts and asked questions, using excellent language!

Children have been exploring objects and artefacts and using them in imaginative play!

Children have explored houses and homes around the world, including hot, sandy places and cold, icy places. They identified similarities and differences between themselves and others, and among families, communities and traditions!




Year R’s ‘All About Me’ topic has provided some brilliant opportunities for historical enquiry! Children have been talking about events in their own lives, discussing their families, talking about likes and dislikes and comparing similarities and differences!

Apple and Cherry Trees have had a brilliant second term at school! That have learnt about some significant events and figures from the past (Guy Fawkes and the Christmas story) and special celebrations (Diwali) and are able to discuss these using key vocabulary. They also understand the chronology of these events and can sequence them confidently!

Children have explored special celebrations, thinking about the historical events behind them! Can you guess what events they have been learning about?