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Term 5

This term, in Learning Experience, we will begin by learning about the Ancient Greeks in history. We will then move on to Science, studying evolution and inheritance before looking at healthy eating in PSHE. In Maths, we will spend some time looking at angles and shapes before moving on to position and direction and then decimals. For our English focus, we will be writing to entertain based on the short film Alma and then The Promise by Nicola Davies. P.E this term is cricket with Mr. Bentley and swimming. Why not check out the book selection below for some exciting text suggestions? 

Term Five Book Suggestions

PSHE - Healthy Eating 

For this learning experience, we will spend a week looking at healthy eating. We will discuss how everyone has a diet and this keeps our bodies functioning. We will then move on to the nutritional content of foods, discussing how to make healthy food swaps. After that, we will look in more detail at the ways in which a poor diet can impact our health before working in pairs to plan our own healthy meal. Check out the knowledge organiser below for more information! 

Healthy Eating Knowledge Organiser

Using nutrition guidelines, we planned out a healthy meal for a child, ensuring that they had all the key food groups they need to grow. 


In English, we used The Promise by Nicola Davies to write poems using all the descriptive techniques we have learnt. 



We helped Miss Gibson make better food choices by looking at the nutritional information on the packaging. 


Science - Evolution and Inheritance

We will begin this learning experience by looking into what evolution is and how this has led from life developing from a single organism to the diverse array of living things we have today. We will then look into how we can classify living things within the same species, how living things inherit certain characteristics from their parents and how adaptation can lead to evolution. We will then research this in real life, looking into how patterns are found between animal characteristics and their environment. Look at the knowledge organiser below for more information. 

Evolution and Inheritance Knowledge Organiser 

We discussed how animals need to adapt to their environment in order to survive. This could relate to how they look in terms of camouflage. To test this, we had a butterfly camouflage competition. Mrs. BH had to pose as the predator and "eat" the butterflies we camouflaged. Can you spot them? 


We also discussed how animals' bodies (for example beaks) have changed to suit the food available.We tested this theory on a range of "foods" using a range of "beaks".             

For our attendance treat, we enjoyed hot chocolate! 


Using Mr. Men and Little Miss Characters, we discussed how offspring inherit certain traits from each parent. 


History - Ancient Greeks

This learning Experience, we will be looking into the Ancient Greek civilisation, beginning with who they were and how we can find out more information about them. We will then shift our focus, looking into what we can thank the Ancient Greeks for, using our historical enquiry skills to support our learning. For more information on our learning, why not have a look over the knowledge organiser? 

Ancient Greeks Knowledge Organiser

Check out our amazing work using our historic enquiry skills!

We looked into what we can thank the Ancient Greeks for today, comparing childhood now to childhood then. 

Did you know that lots of letters and words from Ancient Greece are still relevant today? 


We have learnt how to find out what life was like in Ancient Greece using clues that exist today. 




We used artefacts to consider what clues they give us about life in Ancient Greece. 


Term 4

In Term 4's Learning Experience lessons, we will begin with D.T, looking into making doorbells using electricity. We will then move on to Science with a week on classification before looking at Orienteering in Geography for three weeks. We wend the term with a PSHE themed week on 'Diversity and Acceptance'. In English, we will be writing to inform, starting with 'Me, My Dad and the End of the Rainbow' by Benjamin Dean and then moving on to 'The Barnabus Project' by The Fan Brothers. In our Maths lessons, we will be looking into decimals and percentages, perimeter and area and statistics. P.E. this term is orienteering with Mr. Bentley and rhythmic gymnastics. More information on these topics can be found in the book suggestions below. 

Term Four Book Suggestions

Geography - Orienteering

This learning experience will allow us to explore our understanding of maps and map work. We will begin by looking into different counties and cities of the UK and the topographical regions and geographical features. We will then explore different mapping tools and learn how to use grid references and compass points to navigate a map. We will finish this experience by applying these skills to geographical fieldwork, including an exciting orienteering trip to Bedgebury. Have a look over the knowledge organiser for more information! 

Orienteering Knowledge Organiser

We used our knowledge of compass points to locate features around the school and applied this in our P.E. lessons. 


We used our knowledge on geographical features to conduct fieldwork around the school, measuring land distribution. 


Science - Classification

This science experience will begin with research into the characteristics of different groups of animals, plants and organisms before learning how classify animals and plants using a range of different classification systems. Following that, we will look into creating our own classification systems to sort organisms in our own ways. Why not have a look at our knowledge organiser to see more details about what we will be learning? 

Classification Knowledge Organiser

We conducted research on unusual and unfamiliar organisms and on Linnaeus Systems to classify organisms. 


We studied dichotomous keys to support our understanding of classification.


We used our learning on Linnaeus systems, dichotomous keys and our research to ask questions and create our own keys. 


D.T. - Electricity

In this learning experience, Cedars will look at designing, planning, creating and advertising an electrical doorbell design to suit a particular target audience of choice. Their initial plans will take into account theme and aesthetics, demonstrate through exploded and cross sectional diagrams. They will then use this plan to construct their diagram including the circuit that works the buzzer inside. After, they will evaluate and advertise their doorbell, based on existing products on the market.

Take a look at our amazing sketchbooks to record our ideas. 


We used our plans to paint our specified designs on to our nets. 


To support us to cut out the hole for the button, we used craft knives. 

We built our circuits, adding in a switch as the button to make the buzzer ring. 


Don't our final designs look amazing?


Term 3

This term, in English, we will be writing to persuade, all about the book Holes by Louis Sachar and following that, we will look into the classic poem 'If' by Rudyard Kipling. Throughout our Learning Experience lessons, we will begin by looking at electricity in science before moving on to web design in computing. To finish the term, we will be focussing on Muslims in R.E.. In Maths, our focus will begin with multiplication and division before moving on to fractions and then starting decimals and percentages. Our P.E learning this term is Netball (Wednesdays) with Mr. Bentley and Dance (Thursdays) with Mr. Copeland. For more information on any of these topics, why not check out one of the book suggestions below? 

Term Three Book Suggestions 

R.E. - Muslims

For our final learning experience of the term, Cedars will be learning all about Muslims including what it is like to be a Muslim in Britain today and whether it is more important to invest in art and architecture or charity and generosity. We will begin with a trip to the Maidstone Islamic Centre an then look into scripture to support our understanding. Chekc out the Knowledge Organiser below for more information. 

Muslims Knowledge Organiser

We began our experience with an amazing trip to the Maidstone Islamic Centre. We found the Imam so interesting and the Islamic texts (such as the Qur'an) so facinating. 

Through looking at our books, you can see how we have developed our fingertip knowledge into palm knowledge. 



Computing - Web Design (A Spider's Favourite Job!)

For this exciting learning experience, we will build on our knowledge of webpages in order to design and build a website. We will begin by looking into the key structure of a website before evaluating and discussing existing websites that exist in the world. After, we will use a program called Just2Easy to build our own website on a topic of our choosing. For more details, please take a look at our knowledge organiser below!  

Web Design Knowledge Organiser

We looked at the key vocabulary for websites and theb mapped out how web pages link to make a website. 


We evaluated existing websites that were familiar to us based on their navigation, aesthetics and functionality. 


We then planned our own webpages including hyperlinks and key information. 



Look at our final webpages!


Electricity - Watt an Idea!

We start term three by looking at electricity in science. We will begin by looking into what electricity is before learning the electrical symbols used to represent the components in a circuit. After that, we will explore electrical circuits, investigating what may affect the brightness of a bold or effectiveness of a motor. We will learn how to accurately draw circuits, and discuss where different types of circuit may be used and why. Have a look at our knowledge organiser for more information! 

Electricity Knowledge Organiser
Science Museum Trip

To link our electricity and computing learning experiences, Cedar were lucky enough to visit the Science Museum and spend the day exploring gadgets from the past to now. 





We explored the symbols used to represent different electrical components in a circuit and then applied our learning to build our own series and parallel circuits from diagrams. 



Term 2

We will start this term learning all about the human body in science before moving on to set design in DT. After that, we will move on to 'Rock and Roll to Rap' in music and then end the term with a PSHE focus on the health implications of drugs and alcohol. In English, we will be writing to entertain based on 'Crater Lake' by Jennifer Killick and 'The Arrival' by Shaun Tan. In our Maths lessons we start the term focussing on multiplication and division before learning all about fractions. P.E. for term two will be gymnastics with Mr. Copeland and Quidditch with Mr. Bentley. Check out the linked books for this term's topics below. 

Term Two Book Suggestions

Drugs and Alcohol

We end this term by looking at the risks and dangers of drugs, alcohol and tobacco use. We will begin by looking at these substances with an A-Life workshop. After this, we will discuss these dangers in class and look into how we can make informed choices in later life around these issues. Why not look at the things we will cover by taking a glance at our knowledge organiser below! 

Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco Knowledge Organiser

We had a fantastic workshop with A-Life, all about the risks of drug, alcohol and tobacco use and misuse. 


Some lucky volunteers got to try jelly beans to demonstrate the idea that when you take a drug, you have no idea when you are putting in your body. Some lucky children (and Miss Gibson) had nice flavours. Some had flavours such as sick or rotten bandage!! 


The 'beer goggles' were hilarious!


Year 5 worked in mixed groups across Palm and Cedar to look at scenarios involving different substances.
What would you do?  


Music - Rock and Roll to Rap

Wee will continue our learning in Term Two by looking at music and the way in which music developed from Rock and Roll in the 60's through disco in the 70's and 80's to Rap in the late 80's and early 90's. We will look in close detail at identifying and appraising each type of music before having a go at composing and performing our one songs in one of these styles. Have a look at the knowledge organiser below for more information! 

Rock and Roll to Rap Knowledge Organiser

Check out our amazing musical compositions. Can you guess if they are rap, disco or rock and roll? 




Set Design - Harry Potter

Four our second learning experience of term two, we will be exploring how to make replica sets from the famous Harry Potter films, through art. We will begin with a very exciting trip to Harry Potter Studios before exploring how to manipulate and combine materials and media for effects. We will then explore how to use the inspiration from our trip to create our own replica sets in groups. Have a look at the knowledge organiser for more information on our learning. 

3D Set Design Knowledge Organiser
Harry Potter Studios

Cedars were lucky enough to travel to Harry Potter Studios to gain an immersive experience of the different sets used in the Harry Potter films. We all had an amazing time and gained some life-long memories!






We be-Lung together, you aorta know!

We will begin this learning experience by engaging in an Explorer Dome on the human body. We will then move on to learning all about the circulatory system and then the digestive system and the ways they support the body. Lastly, we will look at the ways in which the human body can be affected by external factors such as drugs and tobacco or exercise can either positively or negatively impact the body. Have a look at our knowledge organiser below. 

Human Body Knowledge Organiser
Blood making with a difference! 

We also explored the make-up of our blood. The red cereal hoops represent the red blood cells, the marshmallows represent the white blood cells, the chocolate cereal are the platelets and the turmeric solution represents the mineral-rich plasma. 



Cedars dissect a heart! 

To support our learning on the circulatory system, Cedars dissected a lamb's heart to explore how this amazing organ keeps our own blood pumping. 


Explorer Dome

We had the best time during our human body Explorer Dome checking out all the interesting and gross things inside the human body. 


Maths - Cube Numbers

We kicked off this term by learning all about how cube numbers make cubes with cubes. 

Term 1

This term, we will be covering Maya in history, natural disasters in geography, HTML in computing, finishing the term with a PSHE themed week around money. In English, we will be writing to inform based on 'The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe' by C.S. Lewis. In our maths lessons, we will look into place value, addition, subtraction and begin to look at multiplication and division. PE this term will be Yoga with Mr Copeland and Rugby with Mr Bentley.

Money Week!

For money week, we spent our time learning all about different ways adults get money and the ways it can be spent and managed in order to be self-sufficient. Have a look at the money week knowledge organiser below. 

PSHE Themed Week - Money

English - Poetry

Have a look at our amazing poems based on Benjamin Zephaniah's work. 


This learning experience is all about creating webpages using HTML. We will learn all the key terminology before learning key skills and tags to allow us to create a webpage based on natural disasters. Check out our knowledge organiser below! 

HTML Knowledge Organiser

Look at our amazing webpages! 

The Earth-Quakes with Fear

We will begin this learning experience by looking at the structure of the Earth. Following this, we will look in more detail at the way in which the Earth's crust is organised into tectonic plates before exploring how disasters can occur at plate boundaries. To start, we will explore how earthquakes and tsunamis happen and then move on to volcanoes and the processes involved in a volcanic eruption. For more information on our learning, check out our Knowledge Organiser. 

Natural Disasters Knowledge Organiser

We looked at layers of the Earth and at the tectonic plates that make up the crust of our planet. 


Miss Gibson kept tricking us with an earthquake drill. We knew to get under the tables and hold on. 

Look at our super learning on how an earthquake occurs. 

We spent time looking at tsunamis and volcanoes too. Check out our work. 


We have spent time recapping sentence structure in English and have begun using this to write a diary entry from the perspective of Edmund. To help us get into character, we shared Turkish Delight and a hot, creamy, sweet drink (Horlicks!) and recorded our thoughts. Opinions were divided. 


This term we have been exploring place value. We have learnt that using manipulatives helps us to deepen our understanding and work out why the answer is the answer. 


We have been loving yoga with Mr. Copeland this term. We have already learnt poses such as elephant, tree and warrior. 

Murderous Maya!

We will begin this learning experience with an immersive workshop about the Maya Civilisation. In this workshop, we will play Pok-A-Tok, a brutal game played by the Maya, look at artefacts, create Mayan jewellery, complete a quiz, learn som Mayan dances and then re-enact a traditional Maya sacrifice. We will then spend some time looking at where the Maya came from and looking into the Maya Timeline, comparing it to events we have already learnt about that occurred in Britain during the same time period. We will then look in more detail at day to day life of the Maya including religion and social structure. Check out our knowledge organiser for more information.

Maya Knowledge Organiser

Maya Timelines

Look at our timelines showcasing the impressive Maya time period. We were amazed by how long the civilisation lasted! 

Maya Workshop

We had an amazing time learning about the Maya in our workshop. Lots of us dressed up too! 

We learnt how to play Pok-a-Tok. The ball was not allowed to touch the floor OR our hands and feet! It was actually really hard. 

Miss Fanning helped us learn about artefacts from the Maya time. 

We also made Mayan jewellery with Miss Boddy and completed a quiz on the Maya with Miss Jones. 

After lunch, we learnt how to create our own Mayan dances in teams. We then performed them to the rest of the year. 

Finally, Miss Jones sacrificed one unfortunate child. She even pretended to paint her victim blue, skin them and take out their heart! Luckily, we don't live in the Maya times so a blue apron and paint had to suffice.